Product Recall is science fiction short film by Ben Smith about a scientist working at the Large Hadron Collider. 

Discovering a frightening secret about the origin of matter itself, and suffers a breakdown.

Was his breakdown the natural result of a genius but flawed mind? Or a celestial intervention designed to prevent him from exposing his discovery? 

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A Mill+ Production


Written and Directed by

Ben Smith


Executive Producers

Zu Al-kadiri

Ian Bearce


Produced By

Carl Walters


Richard Smith

Hans Longo


News Anchor

Al Pagano


Science Correspondent

Glenn Jones


People on Sidewalk

Bryan Novelle

Jennifer Warren

Richard Schwab



Heath Raymond


Director of Photography

Ivan Abel


Production Designer

James Maher



Ryan Mckenna


Composed/Music by

Ben and Max Ringham


Sound Design by Heard City Studios


Heath Raymond


Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer

Jeremy Siegel


Additional Sound Design

Nick Scarcella


Casting Directors

Kristen Paladino 

Jennifer Feraday


Scientific Consultant

Michael Doser


Storyboard Artist

Mark Yates


Creative Associate

Elena Parasco



Richard Schwab


Production Coordinator

Tia Perkins


Art Department

Jennifer Warren

Bryan Norvelle

Elena Parasco


Wardrobe Stylist

Linette Del Monico


Unit Production Manager

Alex Friedman


First Assistant Director

Otis Shui


Steadicam Operator

Brandon Sumner


1st AC

Nate Spengler


2nd AC

Emilie Jackson



Michael Yetter


BB Electric

Holly Hosman

Adam Lordi


Key Grip

Casey Wooden


BB Grip

Kelley Nesper

Alexa Hiramitsu


Sound Mixer

Oscar Pedraza


Technodolly Operator

Anthony Jacques


Make-Up Stylist

Jacquelin Valega

Key Set Production Assistant



Set Production Assistant

Matt Klein


BTS Production Assistant

Nick Wiesner


Production Assistants

Briana Shields

Tyler Hach

Sam Lloyd

John Moss


On Set VFX Supervisor

Ajit Menon


Additional Photography

Adam Carboni


2D Artists

Antoine Douadi

Nick Tanner

Yoon-sun Bae

Molly Intersimone

Jeff Butler

Daniel Giraldo


3D Artists

Dave Barosin

Sandor Toledo

Ruben Vandebroek

Olivier Varteressian

Timothy Kim

Katie Schiffer

Yong Chang Kim

Robert Petrie

Jimmy Gass


Title Design

Chet Hirsch



Anthony Dodero

Kris Mercado

Sally Reynolds



Michael Rossiter


Roto by



Clouds Footage courtesy of

Josh Rask


CERN footage

Courtesy of CERN



Special Thanks

Satoko, Sadie and Sonny

Robin Shenfield

Amanda Boyle

Wesleyan Physics Department

Jessica Dierauer

Alex from Craigslist

Judd Grill

Verity & Richard Meier

Damon Humphreys